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To mr. Bill Gates from Andrei Bezborodov

Hello, Dear Mister Gates.
I,am a simple muscovite 34 years old and Your ex-fan (but now - just a partial supporter of some of your ideas).
In order to not-wasting your time, let me get down to the facts: 1. Some events of this (2020) year ensured profit growth of some medical, farmaceutical and IT-companies, that you directly or indirectly interested in. 2. You comented on changing human reproduction strategy, when uncountable reproduction (under the influence of a constant threat) can turns family planning (if I understand you correctly). 3. You (covertly) invest money in defamation of some conspiracy theories, to make some opponent of your actions look ridiculous.
In this connection let me say, that self-isolation (and other restrictions on rights and freedoms) has become a strongest stressful situation for a half of the world population, when some simply, working people (me personally) had been sent forcibly by its employers on unpaid leave, and the State (contrary to the promises) left us to fend for ourselves face-to-face with our debts.
This prolonged situation filled with fear and despair is precisely the fertile ground for aggression and instinctive desire to transfer one's genetic materials to its numerous children (in case of most of them dying) - the future generations of some poor people.
To bring the end of this disaster I feasible propagand on-line, for example, a signing of "Great-Barrington Declaration" and other...
Sharing most of your views on future overcrowding (and a number of other reasons), I am a member of an international movement MGTOW, which, being an alternative part of the Men's Movement, is close to separatist feminism.
Wide dissemination of MGTOW ideas will contribute to a more sensible planning by men their life and fighting against overcrowding.
In this connection I offer and beg you: 1. To consider a possibility to hinder fomenting the world hysteria of coronademoning, comparable to hysteria after "The War of the Worlds" (H.G. Wells) radio tranmission. 2. Repeatedly, publicly mention the MGTOW movement (might in a negative way, cause there's no harm in publicity) and consider some ways of its funding, instead of investing in the foolish rumors about some chipping.
P.S.: My message doesn't need an answer and I thank you for spending your time and sorry for my not knowing your language.
P.S.2: Men's Lives Matter!!!

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