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Hello my name is George,  i live in Georgia, in the city of Rustavi. Georgia enough small post-soviet country with a population of 4,000,000 people. now from a very heavy economic and political situation. from mass unemployment we have no middle class. after the collapse of the soviet union, i was born in this period, from the civil war began, there was no gas, electricity, basic conditions for the existence of the nation was in darkness and hunger. The country is mired in corruption, my generation grew in appalling conditions, we even do not normally seen cartoons because sometimes just do not electricity, not to mention something else. if we learned in the second change we had to bring candles to illuminate class. in the winter we also take turns bringing firewood to heat the class. in fact, the lessons have not been conducted. Go to university could children of rich parents, paying money you could buy a diploma, a driver's license or get a good grade in school. when i was in the eighth grade my mother died from cancer. for my mom until she was ill i wooed my brother was married by that time lived with his wife from her parents. after the death of the mother father became consumed alcohol, then i was in the eighth grade and went quite well. His father, another woman appeared and he visited her. in eighth grade i stayed alone at home was granted to himself. the school was far from home and i had to get up very early in the morning to walk to school. i really like after school to go to university and have a career. after finishing school i passed the exams and enrolled in the faculty of international diplomacy, but unfortunately pay studies father said that it could not and i had to say goodbye for his dream. then i passed the exams at a local college and got the right to free education at the faculty of chemistry. Unfortunately in georgia was impossible to find work and to feed themselves do not have to quit school and go to work in turkey. there i worked at met tourists, pretty good since i owned the russian and english languages. of course the work was without working vesey and i sent back. my father aged and suffers from high blood pressure, most time it is bad and i have to look for it i can't go anywhere, one cannot leave him. So we are not left hungry and to buy medicines and watch the father i had to take out debt in the bank. unfortunately this debt i can never pay. the amount referred to 2000 dollars. if you could help me i would be very grateful. with great respect!
 mail is  qiwi +995574105515

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странное обращение, ни телефона, ни почты.

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