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Help me

Hello, we are a poor family from Ukraine, we have a child who is 7 years old, please do not stay indifferent and read this message to the end. It is difficult to imagine a happy future for us and our child here in this country, because if you were not born into a wealthy family, the chances of becoming more financially wealthy are very small. The desire to work for the good of the family is present and it is very great, but in Ukraine it is very difficult to find a job that will cover even the insignificant needs of the family, I am not talking about something more significant, for us a personal car and our own home is like an impossible dream ... We thought for a long time about how we should proceed and came to the conclusion that we want to leave the country and live in a more promising place, America is ideal for this, but we need help with this, since we can hardly save even for the move. I'm not even talking about the first month of life in America. We really hope for your help, we hope that you will answer us, and our life will finally change for the better, and our child will grow up in a beautiful country, in America. It is unlikely that we can cope alone.
We do not expect full financial support from you, we only need a little help with moving from Ukraine to America and, if possible, with employment.

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Help please

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Help please

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