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Президенту США Дональду Трампу

глубоко уважаемый призедент. Мои родители погибли я был маленький в возрасте 4 лет. Вырос в детском доме. росииские органы местного самоуправления меня обманули выкинули на произвол судьбы закрепив за мной жилье в полуразрушенном состоянии не пригодное для жизни ! помогите пожалуйста решить жизнено важную проблему органы местного управления бездействуют . искрене и по человечески прошу вашей помощи. Коньков Алексей Анатольевич 09.02.1988 тамбов тел:89107572534. 89030060495

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Dear President! I sincerely want to congratulate you and be happy for the us citizens that you are the President of America. America for America-for You it's not just words and you do everything in the name and for the benefit of his people. Unfortunately, living in Russia, I can not imagine a more impoverished and terrible and corrupt country in the world. Although of course they exist. I like that you, unlike other Presidents, count money and do not scatter it anywhere. I'm very sorry and it was painful to watch as You turned away, actually betrayed firm HARLEY DAVINSON, or rather its leaders because of the shortfall in their income. By imposing sanctions against Russia, you are doing everything right, but do not take into account the vast territory of Russia and its untold wealth. You need to hire advisors who not only lived, studied, and worked, but are citizens of Russia who know Russia from within all its problems, then your sanctions would be devastating. Unfortunately, I can't tell you what sanctions against Russia would be the most effective, just for one simple reason, that I am a citizen of this country, which is run by a bunch of fat fat cats who do not think about ordinary Russians and their problems.
If you accept me as a political refugee in Your country, I will gladly accept your offer. If not, I will not refuse your invitation to visit Your country and the White house. I wish You and Your families good health and simple human happiness.
With Respect!
Russian citizen

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